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Background and Other Sources on Addiction

Background and Other Sources on Addiction

I cover some technical aspects of addiction in these posts, and, because I've been doing this a while on another blog site and in other arenas, I might not do a good job of setting all the basics down first. So I thought I'd include here some references to earlier work where basic principles are laid down. 

First, my old blog site has plenty of articles. I no longer have control, and I don't know how much longer the new owners will keep it up, but while it's there, here's the link.

We did some mini audio lectures for our patients several years ago. We called these bucket talks, and they were a way of getting all the patients to hear from me directly even though we had multiple centers in multiple cities. One was animated and the smaller ones weren't. I think I got them all but can't be sure. Here they are:

Animated Basics

Using Genetics in Addiction Treatment

Biology of Addiction Part I

Biology of Addiction Part II (still searching YouTube. If you find it, let me know)

Triggers, Cravings, and Sudden Relapse



Why We Need Recovery

Drugs vs Medicines

How Medicine Can Help in Addiction

A community forum I was part of (1hr 22min - I don't agree with everything said, but I do stand by everything I said)

It's Not Just Drug Addiction (1hr 20min - Oct 2016)


Questions and Answers on Addiction

A Beginner's Second Text of Psychotherapy

Healing Stories





Why Managers Learn to Manage Negatively

Why Managers Learn to Manage Negatively

What Did He Die Of?

What Did He Die Of?